Breaking the code of Asphalt 8 (without any Tips or Tricks) is easy. You need to buy new cars, which costs you money. I really don’t want to frequently buy things from Microsoft. I don’t like them. So I have made you some Asphalt 8 Airborne Tips and Tricks list. I have played lot of multiplayer games and so over the time I have managed to get many S-class Asphalt 8 Cars. So here are my  lists of tips for you.

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1.Explore all the Maps and Remember them

You know?? There are many shortcuts to finish a race. Exploring and finding the shortest route is more important than adding some extra tools to your car. Full nitro through the race won’t make you win if you are not in the right track. You are coming around the world buddy. Find the shortcut first.

Asphalt shortcuts
Know your Shortcuts

2.Block your friends

You are in the front line before the race starts. What do you do? Pull off the Nitro and run ahead of the competition, right?

Don’t do it. Step on the break and stop the cars beyond you then start pull your nitro and go. I mean, be rude bastard. Multiplayer racers typically hit nitro to get a head-start on the competition; block their efforts by braking, wait three seconds, and then hit nitro yourself. That’s the way bro.


asphalt 8 airborne block the cars
Block competition

3. Get all the Stars and Bonuses 

Do you want to cope with those new races and asphalt 8 airborne seasons? Unlock all the stars. Stars also helps in purchasing new cars. Every time you earn a new star, this helps unlock a one-time money bonus that can be obtained at the end of every race. Complete every race and earn all stars.

Get in-Game Bonuses 

Get in-Game bonuses
Asphalt 8 Knocking Down is important

You always get these bonuses during the racing for doing these tasks. Don’t forget to follow this list.

  • Take other friends. Knock them down.
  • Pass narrow down the cars avoiding collision.
  • Hit road block and cones as many as possible.

4. It is Asphalt 8 Airborne Tips and Tricks. Go Airborne As Many Seconds As possible.

Why this game has “Airborne” in this title? I don’t know. But don’t think. You need to stay Airborne in this game. Do the barrel rolls or flat spins to create more opportunity for yourself to stay there. Hit the Nitro before the platform to give more boost and lasting Air time.

Do the barrels for more air time| Asphalt 8 Airborne Tips and Tricks
Do Barrels

5. Drift, Drift, Drift. You Drift Master.

You find a curve you drift. That’s the rule in Asphalt 8 Ariborne Tips. Drfting is the one best way to get your Nitro filled. Through drifting you can overtake the opposition and even knock them down with proper pushes.

Drifting in Asphalt 8 Airborne Tip
Drift and Knockdown

6. Keep your Girl Friend Safe

You know it. You are going on the top position in the race and you suddenly colloid with the rock infront of you. It is called WRECK THE FFFF. You have to race safe. Memorize all the tracks and cities will help you get away from that annoying WRECK.


7. Nitro Things. You love them

Imagine, you are in the lead and approaching finish line. Suddenly bunch of cars passes you. How does that feel? If you have already faced this. You need to read this.

You need to grab that nitro, save that nitro and pull that Perfect Nitro.

Asphalt Nitros
Grab that Nitro

Know how to pull perfect nitro.

8.Be Aggressive Player baby

This is not a fair game. You are a aggressive bastard you gain more. Start knocking down. Don’t stop. Ram into other players before they ram into you! Be an offensive driver. You won’t loose your driving license.

Aggressive racing in Asphalt Airborne
Be Aggressive

9. Play often. I mean, Practice a lot.

Practice makes any drivers perfect. You know that.

Learn not to WRECK THE FFFF, practice on that road which is giving you trouble. Learn Drifting. These Asphalt 8 Airborne Tips are not worth if you are not going to start your engine more often start getting used to it.

10. If you are going to buy anything. Buy those car packs.

Yes I told you not to buy anything in the beginning. If you still like to buy something to show your love to Microsoft.

Buy those car packs. It will help you too.

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Now share your Asphalt 8 Airborne Tips in the comment section.

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